Duplex stainless steels were first introduced during the 1930s keeping the corrosion resistance property in mind. With the technology change, the properties of this steel have evolved further and are being widely used in manufacturing industries. They coined the name duplex because they contain two phases, austenite and ferrite, of equal proportions. Unlike traditional steels, these steels are durable and stronger.

You’ll notice the use of duplex stainless steel in the oil and gas industry, pipework systems, petrochemical industries and manufacturing industries. Grade F51, F53, F55, F60 and F61 are varieties of duplex stainless steel. Among the different types of duplex steel, F51 and F60 are considered to be duplexes, whereas F53 is a super duplex.

To get grade 51 in Birmingham from reputed companies. This is the widely used variety of duplex stainless steel in industries. To know more about the properties of duplex stainless steel, read on.

Four properties of duplex stainless steel

1. High resistance to corrosion

Duplex steels have high corrosion resistance power. Since it has high proportions of austenitic grades hence using this steel is beneficial in industries. The pitting resistance equivalent number generally provides ranks to different steel grades based on their corrosion resistance power. In the case of duplex stainless steel, the rank is high, which indicates that it has high corrosion resistance power.

2. High durable

Compared to the traditional steel variants, this type of steel is stronger. Since they do not bend easily even under excessive heat, they are popularly used in making chemical storage pressure vehicles, pipes and tubes in the oil and gas industries and for biofuel plants.

3. Good for fabrication 

Since duplex steels are strong, welders find it easy to use this type of steel for fabrication processes. However, machining this steel can be difficult; hence welders prefer keeping sharp edges to prevent excess cutting hassles. It can be used in all standard welding processes.

4. Stress and crack resistance

Duplex steels contain high amounts of chromium, which protects the steel from getting corroded. This property of the steel helps the same to be more resistant to solidification cracking than other steel forms. Under highly restrained construction processes, a few minor cracks might be visible. However, they are not very significant.

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